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Healthy Hydrating Foods.

Maximize your water intake


You’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day but how many of us actually do that? Here are some ways you can eat your water content and deliciously hydrate your body by eating certain foods.

A wise move for replenishing your hydration levels is to drink electrolyte-rich fresh juices and eat hydration-promoting foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

These hydrating foods are primarily super healthy and rich in nutrients including Potassium, Fiber, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, and naturally low in calories.

1. Apple


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An old english saying about an apple – “Apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It contains 88% of water.

 2. Cucumber


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It contains 96% water content.

3. Watermelon


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It contains 91.5% of water.

4. Spinach


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It contains 90% of water.

5. Mangoes


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It contains 83% of water contents in it.

6. Broccoli


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It contains 90.7% of water.

7. Strawberries


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Water content in Strawberries is 90%.

8. Tomatoes


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It contains 94.5% of water.

9. Pineapple


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Pineapple contains 96% of water contents in it.

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